Families and spouses


Families and spouses of the injured or dead

It can be desperately difficult for spouses, children, and wider families and friends when a service person or veteran is injured or killed. I know I have often been difficult to live with, before and after my diagnosis of PTSD. I've worn a mask in public but that has been knackering, and so I have often been my true, exhausted, quiet, withdrawn, frightened and snappy self at home.

I don't have experience of a physical injury, but families may have to do a huge range of things to help an injured veteran or service person, and they may very well suffer mental injury as well.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for families where the service person has died in service, or later as a result of their injuries. There is provision for bereavement in the AFCS with awards for death in service.

I would hate for a protracted, uncaring and incorrectly assessed AFCS claim to add to the heartbreak, especially when the award should be there as soon as possible to help with living costs, child care, and all manner of other things. 

I therefore recommend getting help with a claim from a charity or lawyer. If you know a family in this position, you might might be able to help get them that input.

Families, we might be a bit broken and unable to say it, but we still love you.